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Quran Reading

This is an elementary course which offers students to learn to recite THE HOLY QURAN with proper tawjeed rules. The course is particularly designed for kids and adults who are taking their first step in learning to recite the HOLY QURAN. The interactive course (one-to-one communication) offers step by step guide for effective online learning. We ensure you proper attention coupled with very good interpersonal and communication skills of our respected teachers. The basic objective of the course is to make student ready for recitation of the holy quran with proper tawjeed rules.

Course Material:

Noorani Qaida
The Holy Quran



This course offers memorizing of the holy quran online The class will be assigned a teacher who will be a Hafiz-Ul-Quran. The teacher will teach specific lessons on daily basis and provides step by step guidance. The environment will be a one-to-many interactive class which simulates the physical class model in the Islamic centres. This way you will memorize the quran at your place.


We offer students basic Islamic Education besides QURAN recitation which include Duas, Salah (namaz), 6 kalimas etc.

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Who is the Terrorist?

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