Yes, you can make the payment with your PAYPAL account.

Yes, you can make payment with Checks, Money order and Western Union, Moneygram.

You can make the payment ONLINE with your credit card.

Our cost is already less as compared to other academies even then you can avail a little discount if you have three or more students in a family.

No, these are manual payments which you will make yourself every month.

No, You will not give credit card information to anyone. You will make the payment online in very secure environment.

Nothing, you will not be charged any extra fees.

No, Our Trial classes are absolutely Free.

No, you are not required to give credit card information for trial classes.



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Who is the Terrorist?

First, the accusation was: ‘All Muslims are terrorists.’ When the bigots realized no one in their right mind would believe that all 1.6 billion Muslims in the world could be terrorists, they reversed their statement to sound more objective: ‘All Muslims may not be terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims.’ Really?